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8. Adding Navigation Elements

8.1 Categories

Categories serve as a device for a logical segmentation of the project into consecutive units. It is advisable that the first category comes before the first page of the project (Category – Cover).

To add a category, click the Create new category icon situated above the list of preview pages. The new category is always added above the currently highlighted page. All following pages fall under one category until you create another one. After clicking Create new category, a fill-out form will appear and you will be asked to enter the Category name. Create the category by clicking Create.

Within the Category, it is possible to:

  • Change its position by dragging it using your mouse,
  • Change its name by double-clicking the category on the page list >> this will open the editing mode; now it is possible to enter the new name >> press “Enter” to confirm,
  • Remove it by clicking the “x”-button in the upper right corner.

Add Category

On the tablet, the navigation by categories will be displayed at the bottom along with all the pages and corresponding categories.

8.2 Topic tool Topic tool

Topics are managed in the Page Editor. They are used to highlight the most important articles and themes. They are displayed in the right part of the tablet in form of a list of pictures with descriptions. They serve as navigation tools. By using them, you can access a chosen article or page by simply clicking them.

The topics are represented by a picture.

  • Find a picture that represents the category the most.
  • Choose Topic tool from the Toolbar and draw a section (in this case a regular square) above the picture.
  • Minimum size of section is 140 x 140 px.

Topic tool options

Set the Topic properties in the Inspector toolbar.

  • Title
  • Page number - the page referred to, where the article or topic starts. The Inspector toolbar always shows the current page number. Change it only if the article, for which you are setting the topic, starts on a different page that the selected illustrative picture.
  • The Inspector toolbar also shows the current preview of the topic picture. Modify and move the picture using the bounding box or set its exact position in the Inspector toolbar.

8.3 Pagelink tool Pagelink tool

Easily navigate the tablet user throughout your whole project using the Pagelink tool by referring to other, following, or previous project pages.

To add a reference link, proceed as follows:

  • Choose the Pagelink tool
  • Draw an interactive section above the page.
  • Set the Section properties in the Inspector toolbar.

Title for better orientation. The Section name is only shown in the Publisher interface.
Page Number – the page referred to.
Add Icon

By tapping any part of the interactive section, the user will automatically be carried to the desired project page.

Beware when deleting the pages afterwards. Make sure you do not delete some of the pages which the hyperlink is referred to. That may cause troubles with project after it is published.

Pagelink tool options

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