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7. Content Management

7.1 Page Management

Inserting and Adding Pages (Pictures)

Add pages by using the “Drag and Drop” function to add pictures (JPG or PNG) directly to the page list. It is also possible to add pictures by clicking Import Images in the top section of the interface and selecting a picture. This is also accessible via the menu: Import » Import Images.

Inserting and Adding PDF-files

Add pages from a PDF-file by accessing Import » Import from PDF via the menu. More about PDF-file properties and possibilities under Create from PDF.

Insert Page

The page sequence can be easily changed in the page list on the left. Using your mouse, drag the page to its new place.

Using the Inspector toolbar, add page information which the reader will see, if the page is among the Preview pages.

  • Title - page name
  • Description - description of the page/theme

To add a page to Preview pages, use Include in preview.
Removing pages is just as easy. Choose a page from the page list on the left and click on it. An“x”-button will appear. The page will be removed upon clicking it.

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