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What can I do with a FREE Account?

Be creative. It's the best way how to try all the CoverPage tools. You will use CoverPage Publisher to enrich your pages and publish to CoverPage Viewer App. CoverPage Viewer is available to download from iTunes. Sign in to CoverPage Viewer with your user name and password and see your published projects.

What is the main difference between Single App and Premium Plan?

Single App is only one publication; you can create one project and have it as an application. There is no library and the users will get straight to your project after tapping the icon on the screen of their Mobile Device. Single App can't be added to the Newsstand. With Premium you have your own Custom Branded Kiosk App, with a library and you can publish to the Apple Newsstand with no limitation on the number of issues. With both plans you can either sell your content or distribute it for free.

How can I create Single App?

Publish your project under your CoverPage account. Get the resources for App build and App Store (such as your graphics for icons, splash screens or text for iTunes) and CoverPage App Builder will develop your very own robust application. After that you will upload your App to the App Store for approval.

What is the best solution for Magazine Publishers?

PREMIUM was created especially for magazine publishers. With PREMIUM you get the Custom Branded Kiosk App and you can publish directly to the Apple Newsstand. Get all the benefits that come with Newsstand. You can sell your content and set the Subscription, use push notifications. You can also take advantage of the 3rd party login service as one of the major features of CoverPage Readers. Your printed subscribers, partners or colleagues can have an access to the tablet version of your publications free of charge.

Do you have special plans suitable for Schools?

The best plan for educational institutions is EASY. You don't need your own App or own Apple Developer account and it's very affordable. Use the CoverPage Viewer application, log in using your very own user name and password. You will be able to create different Viewer accounts, with different access data, so that you can easily manage the classes and publications linked to them.

How can I deliver brochures or catalogues to my sales team?

Subscribe to the EASY plan and in your CoverPage Web Account manage other Users with your profile. You can manage their roles - Admin, Publisher and Viewer, each with specific rights. Viewers can be linked to the publication later on, so you can even choose who will have access to which catalogues.

What is the Unlimited plan for?

Once you start publishing more and especially into different kinds of applications at one time, you will get to a point where it will be more profitable to get the Unlimited plan. There are many advantages of being Unlimited such as full tech support, White labeling for free, own hosting for free, Analytics for free and so on. For a more detailed comparison see Plans & Pricing.

Where can I get CoverPage installation?

Download the setup file under Download directly from and follow the instructions. Depending on the operating system, the filename extension of the setup-file will be either ".exe" for Windows or ".dmg" for Mac OSX.

Can I work with InDesign files?

After you have successfully installed CoverPage, you can install Adobe InDesign Exporter Plug- in, designed for Adobe InDesign CS5 or later for an even more convenient digital content creation. Export from InDesign to CoverPage Publisher without further need of saving INDD project.

Do you use vertical or horizontal navigation in the published project?

There is a horizontal navigation through the project. Taking previous user experiences into consideration, we decided to keep it simple for now. The scroll tool can partially substitute vertical navigation. Users can have a different reading experience by adding scrolls into the projects.

My project has a landscaped layout. Can I disable the interface rotation on the user's tablet while they will be reading my project?

Currently, CoverPage platform does not allow you to lock the rotation of the project to a specific orientation, but as this is one of the most requested features, we are working on getting it to you as soon as possible.

What is Topics and Categories good for?

It is a navigation tool throughout your project. It is easy to use; you can choose the most important topics from your project and point them out. Use Categories to horizontally navigate throughout your projects.

What Topic pictures are best to use?

The Topic picture should represent the article. Do not forget that the resolution has to be at least 140 x 140 px.

What are the Preview pages good for?

Do you know the feeling when you get to a Newsstand and you touch and smell the fresh news? Well, this is sort of a user's touch with your publication. As short preview of what they can expect. Always choose only a few pages but make sure you pick the right ones. This is usually the moment when the user decides if they will buy it or not.

Can I insert a phone number or an e-mail address into the project?

You can use the Hyperlink tool for basically anything like Google maps, phone number, e-mail. Instead of the web site URL, write one that corresponds to custom URL schemes like mailto: Do not forget to check the "Open in external browser" check box. For more information, click here.

Can I promote my sales in the publications somehow?

You can promote your sales and actually make users to purchase the issues or subscription in-mag by using hyperlink tool. Instead of web site URL, use one of the following custom URL schemes for several actions.

  • coverpage://publications/purchase?id=[your_publication_id]
    Opens the purchase confirmation popup as if user would tap on 'Buy' button in library. Your publication ID is typically in a format com.coverpage.[client_id].[title_id].[project_id] and you are using it for in-app purchases in your iTunes Connect for your app. It is a unique identifier of a project across your whole CoverPage account. An example may look like
  • coverpage://subscriptions/show
    Pops up the subscription options window, as if user would tap on 'Subscribe' from the library of the app.
  • coverpage://subscriptions/purchase?id=[subscription_id]
    Opens the purchase confirmation popup as if user would tap on a concrete subscription from the subscription options window in the library. The subscription ID is typically in a reverse domain format, and is specified during the app creation in iTunes Connect. An example of a 3 month subscription ID is sk.srworld.h4h.3months and the URL would then look like
  • coverpage://users/promptLogin
    Opens the login window as if user would tap on the 'User icon' in the library. Note, that the login service is an optional feature, not every application has it.
Note that this schemes work also from your banner zones in the app. You can promote your subscriptions or login functionality through your banners.
If you have troubles finding the ID's for your app, contact our support team.

Can I design my own icons for interactive zones?

You can add your icons into the layout while you are designing the pages. Don't forget to check off "Add Icon" check box in tool settings inspector panel in CoverPage Publisher. Otherwise you can only add the icons which are already designed available for you.

How can I optimize my multimedia items?

Try to maintain a high quality for the retina resolution but never forget to optimize it. Tablets have certain limits and performance gets worse if your items maintain the highest quality and resolution. The best resolution for videos is HD ready 1280 x 720 px (bit rate - 1,5 Mbit/s ) or 1024 x 526 px (bit rate - 1 Mbit/s). Pictures should be saved for Web and devices for better performance.

HTML animation doesn't play the sound in the project? Why?

No MobileSafari (HTML window in our App is one too) will allow auto-play of an audio file and it must be activated through by the user.

Can I link my content with social networks?

You can use HTML5 with the Web View tool to add Tweets or Facebook Newsfeeds to your page. Right now you cannot share or like an article. But we are working on these features for upcoming updates.

What is Sandbox for?

Sandbox is your preview interface where you can test the full functionality of your publication. Once you have your Branded Kiosk App, anything published under your account will be visible to your users. Sandbox is connected to the device which means, that only Sandbox devices will display the projects published in Sandbox mode.

Can I distribute my projects to my partners via Sandbox?

No, Sandbox is a tool for previewing your project before it is officially available. You should test your projects and collaborate with your colleagues using the Sandbox mode. It helps you discuss your projects if you are not in one office or even not in one state. This is your working tool, not a distribution channel. Use a login service for your partners.

Can I publish my projects for free from time to time?

Sure, pricing is your own business model. You can publish for free anytime you want.

Can I change the price of a single project or subscription?

You can manage this in your iTunes Connect account. Make sure the same price is shown when publishing that particular issue using CoverPage Publisher that particular issue.

What is the project ID?

It is a Unique Project Identifier. Based on this identifier, the App Store System will link your CoverPage project with a price. The ID will be automatically generated upon entering the project Name but you can change it if you want to before it's published.

Do I have to publish one project several times for different devices?

No, you only publish once. Choose the dimension most suitable and your pages will adjust themselves to the other device's dimensions as much as possible. You can use CoverPage Simulator to preview your pages in other devices.

What is a release date?

The date on which the project is supposed to be released. Even if the projects are being published "backwards", always give the date that corresponds to the given project so they are displayed chronologically.

Where can I test my projects?

Use CoverPage Viewer or Sandbox mode if you are using the Premium plan.

Where can I see my projects if, I don't have a tablet?

You can always preview your project in CoverPage Simulator which is part of CoverPage Publisher.

Where are all the projects hosted?

Projects are stored on the Amazon S3 server, a service provided by Amazon, which guarantees the maximum download speeds and best service availability.

How long does it take to upload the project?

It depends on the quality of your internet connection. The faster your connection, the shorter the uploading time.

What are the roles for the users in my CoverPage Web account good for?

You can have a team of people working together but not everyone has to have the same rights. Your Admins have the same rights as you have but Viewer for instance can only read your projects. They have no right to publish to your app or remove some of your projects from the server.

What is the workflow from signing up to having my app in the App Store?

Sign Up - Download CoverPage Publisher and CoverPage Viewer - Choose the plan - Purchase - Enroll for Apple Developer Account - Prepare and provide resources for your app - Publish at least one project - Submit all - Wait for Apple approval and Enjoy it.

I don't want to have my app in the App Store, but I want to have it on my iPad? Is this possible?

Sure it is. You can have a so called Ad Hoc application which will be available only on chosen devices.

What App Name should I choose?

It is like a name of your own product written on a package. It's better to have a short, easy to remember and original name. Check the name you are thinking of in the App Store and Google Play just to be sure no one is already using it.

How long does waiting for the approval for my app takes?

Usually it takes 10 to 14 days. But there is no written note, they do not guarantee the waiting time. After uploading an app to Google Play, it is instantly available to download. There is no approval process.

What if I need an app update?

All stability and performance updates are for free. If you want to update your app you can do so basically anytime; client's update costs $99. We do not recommend updating too often or soon after your previous updates. It's related to Apple regulations.

What is the cash flow if I sell my content?

We do not take any provision from your sales. Having your Apple Developer account means to have full control over your applications, cash flow included. Purchased items are paid from user's iTunes accounts. Apple gets a 30% share and you also will be charged 8% "European tax", if your business is established in Europe. The rest of the revenue goes to the bank account you provided when you set your iTunes Connect up.

What is App Store Pricing Matrix?

A table of Tiers - calculated predefined values. Choose the one closest to your idea of how much the project should cost.

What does OTA stand for?

Test your app before you start distributing it. For testing purposes you can install AdHoc app to several devices by downloading application file or using OTA. OTA stands for Over-the-air installation. You can send OTA link to anyone you want the app to be installed. One will open the link on the device – iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, Mac or PC. For iOS, you have to add the device IDs to your Apple dev account (Provisioning Portal) to be able to install the app. For Android and Mac OSX you need to allow "Installation from anywhere". Change the settings of the device if needed.

What is AdHoc App good for?

AdHoc app is preferably used for the testing purposes. It is installed from outside of the App Store directly to devices. For iOS, you have to add the device IDs to your Apple dev account (Provisioning Portal) to be able to install the app. We highly recommend building the AdHoc app first to test it and distribute it as App Store app just after you are sure everything works correctly.

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