Creative Publishing.
Native Apps. No coding.

Perfect tool for your White-Label Apps.

Award winning self-publishing tool CoverPage allows you to create own native Apps. Create stunning Single Editions Apps or publish directly to Apple Newsstand. Unique CoverPage production workflow helps you to merge cutting-edge interactive features into enhanced native App user experience.

  • Designed for Creatives

    Create your layouts with your favorite authoring tools. Import them into CoverPage as JPEGs, PNGs or you can use our Adobe InDesign plugin exporter. You can use PDF files for your layout assets.

  • Your marketing tool

    Reach your new audience with your tablet and mobile presence. With our custom branded Apps you can publish to Newsstand or as a Single App on the App Store.

  • Best User experience

    Enrich your digital projects with amazing interactive features. Engage more people to play with your content. Everything is platform native. We do not use HTML5 or PDFs.

  • Strong technology behind

    Analyze user engagement to optimize your app. Prepare content more effectively, and deliver more targeted, relevant content to your audience.

How it works

Working with CoverPage is very easy, intuitive and
you will enjoy it.

Create Project

Install our software CoverPage Publisher. It's free. Import your layouts from InDesign, PhotoShop or use PDF files. Create interactive and multimedia content.

Preview on Device

Preview and test your projects with CoverPage Viewer on iPad and iPhone. Download it from App Store for FREE. We support enhanced user experience. It's fast and instant.

Build your App

Login to your CoverPage Web Account. Purchase your plan. Merge your content with your App. Build it and publish to your Apple Developer Account.

Your App, Your Brand.

Publish your projects as a Single Apps or into Newsstand.
Selling and distributing your Apps hasn't been easier and effective.

Single App

Best for your projects, creative portfolios or clients presentations. Design Icons and Splash screens. Update anytime. Publish with your Apple Developer Account.

Branded Viewer

Best for content distribution. Sales team and marketers will love it. Perfect solution for Agencies to present projects in front of clients.


Newsstand is perfect place to sell your magazines. In-App purchase, Subscription and Login service. Publish into your Branded Reader with your Apple Developer Account

CoverPage is perfect for

Prepare your creative portfolios, projects or client's presentations
as easy, fast and robust native Apps.

Interactive Projects

Easy create interactive projects with full of multimedia inside. Engage your audience and market yourself in a new way.

  • Creative Professionals
  • Graphics Designers
  • Photographers

Product presentations

Mobile platform is great for sales and marketing teams. Interact with customers and amaze them with stunning interactive catalogue.

  • Design Studios
  • Digital Agencies
  • Advertising & PR Agencies

Magazine Publishing

Looking for more interactivity to your magazines? Best for monetize your digital content. Distribute within your private network.

  • Publishers
  • Schools & Corporations
  • Churches
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