• 360º Product Rotations

    Image Sequence tool is a strong tool for new ideas how to change user interaction with your content. Simply prepare your images as transparent PNGs, import them into project and decide how user will interact with. Choose between horizontal or vertical way of scrolling.

  • Content Hardware Accelerator

    Image Sequence tool enables you to link with native hardware features of iPad and iPhone. Engage your audience with new experience. Try it and you will love it. It’s simple but can change everything.

  • Social Interaction

    With Web Object tool is easy to use any HTML5 objects. You can easily put your Twitter Feed, Facebook discussions or any HTML5 interactive object right into your project. Prepare your html code and link to your project’s layout area.

  • HTML5 Animations

    Web Object tool can bring your HTML5 animations on the stage. Use any third-party HTML5 animation tools like Adobe Edge or Sencha Animator. Simply link resources to your project.

  • Scrolling Objects

    Scrolling tool is best for scrolling content within your fixed page layout. You can use it for texts areas, panoramatic photos, panning pictures inside smaller area or just scroll whole pages horizontally or vertically.

  • On Page Photo Galleries

    Photo galleries are more attractive and works better with your layout. Make on-page or fullscreen photo-galleries. Define text annotations for your pictures and let the user enjoy zooming your pictures in fullscreen mode.

  • Videos

    Link your videos with external URL or include into your project. Support QuickTime and MP4 video files. For YouTube video, simply link to your video file.

  • Video Pages

    Transform your static print covers into more engaging multimedia video covers. Prepare videos in QuickTime or MP4 with H.264 format and link to your CoverPage project page.

  • Music and Sounds

    Define audio files for short time play or add background audios to your projects. You can loop it or play only once. Autoplay feature can welcome your users on the page. Wondering about the other sounds? Keep "Stop other sounds" selected.

  • Page Link

    This tool helps you to navigate within your project. Define hot spot and number of page user navigation.

  • Topics

    Define main topics to navigate user inside the iPad App. Topics are shortcuts to specific pages inside your magazine.

  • URL Link

    Make simple URL web location. Tap any web link and open in App or with external web browser.

  • New Category

    Use for horizontal navigation throughout your projects.

  • Attachment

    Enrich your projects with attached files. We support only DOC, PPT, TXT, XLS, and PDF files.

  • Import Pages

    Import extra pages as pictures into your project.

  • Move Tool

    Drag and navigate within your project page layout.

  • Zoom Tool

    Zoom in and zoom out and navigate within your project page layout.

  • Display Mode

    Helps you for better work with your interactive and multimedia areas, to switch off color display areas.

  • Selection Tool

    Select objects and define properties. Resize, move or delete. For interactive properties, use Inspector floating panel.

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