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10. How to Publish Content

To open the publishing mode, click the Publish button in the upper bar. This will open the bookmark that allows you to work with information about the project that is to be digitally published.

Adjust basic information about the project as well as the preview pages. The list of pages is on the left, the currently viewed page that can be added to the preview list is in the middle, and the preview pages are on the right. Read more about the Publish display interface under Publish Graphic Interface Description.

Publish Window

10.1 Preview pages

The user sees the Preview Pages directly on the tablet before he buys or downloads the whole project. To define the preview pages, simply Drag and Drop the pages from the list of pages on the left into the middle. If some pages have already been labelled as Include in Preview, they will already be included in the list on the right. The optimal number is 3 - 4 .

Cover Art - You can easily change the cover page of your project if you wish. Custom cover art size must be at least 1024px at the long side.

  • Change cover
  • Browse for picture

Add the following information to each preview page on the right:

  • The name of the preview page,
  • Short description of the content.

On the tablet, page thumbnails of these pages together with their names and descriptions will appear after the user taps the cover of your project.

10.2 How to Set Basic Parameters of the Project

Document name

  • The title of the project that has to be subject to specific rules, if the project will be published on a regular basis (layout style, variation of months, issues, years, etc.)
  • The name will always be shown under the project in the library of the application

Release date

  • The date on which the project is supposed to be released.
  • Even if the projects are being published “backwards”, always give the date that corresponds to the given project. Specify the date format as follows: month / day / year. (e.g. 2 June 2012 >> 06/01/2012).

Procedure for Approval of the Project

Each project that is published for free is available for free right after being published.

Every project published with a specific price is a subject to approval by Apple. It is not a content to be approved but the purchase process and its correct behavior. Approval takes about five days

  • If the user subscribed, the project is available immediately after it is published (the user that buys each project individually has to wait until the purchase is approved).


The price the project will be sold for. It can also be 0$.

The price is calculated based on the “Tears - App Store Pricing Matrix” chart where the values are predefined. Choose the one closest to your idea of how much the project should cost.

Id (Unique Project identifier)

Based on this identifier, the AppStore System will link your CoverPage project with a price. The Id will be automatically generated upon entering the project Name. It cannot be longer than 30 letters.

Titles(The title the project belongs to)

Opens only for Premium accounts that allow publishing more titles. In this case it is necessary to assign the project with a title.


  • Keywords make the search within the CoverPage platform easier.
  • This is not mandatory


  • Give the type of the project (magazine, book, portfolio, etc.)


  • Enter a project category
  • This is not mandatory

In the end, choose the availability of your project.

If you are using Custom Branded Reader and want the project to be visible only to you, check the Sandbox mode box.

Sandbox mode - (only for Premium Accounts with the Custom Branded Reader) the content will be available only to some. Read more under Sandbox Mode.

If you want to publish your project directly in your Custom Branded Reader so that it is available for public, do not check the Sandbox mode box.

To use Sandbox mode before going public is highly recommended.

When everything is set, publish your project by clicking the Publish button.

If the project has already been published, it is possible to remove it from the server by clicking the Remove from server button. The project will be deleted the next time the user refreshes the library.


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