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4. CoverPage InDesign Export Plug-in

The Adobe InDesign Plug-in, CoverPage Exporter Plug-In, allows you to export your document created in Adobe InDesign CS5 and later directly to CoverPage Publisher without having to save it.

By downloading CoverPage Install Package you get installation for using InDesign Exporter Plug-In design for adobe InDesign CS5 or later for an even more convenient digital creation. You can install Plug-In anytime you want. You will always find the Exporter setup-file through the CoverPage Publisher >> Help >> Install InDesign Exporter. After that, follow the steps of the setup wizard.

install 1

instal 2

Advantages of using the Exporter Plug-In:

  • Easy to use
  • Your project will be automatically opened directly in CoverPage Publisher.

You do not have to save it to "PDF" format, or adjust the trim marks, and re-open in CoverPage Publisher. The converting process of your project will run without any unexpected problems.

If you have already installed CoverPage Exporter Plug-In, you can follow the steps below:

  • Open the desired project in Adobe InDesign.
  • In the Adobe InDesign menu go to Window >> Extensions >> Coverpage Exporter.
  • The Coverpage Exporter toolbar will appear; here you can set

The type of the project

  • The print replica – if you are not changing the content.
  • The tablet layout – if your content is specially cut for tablets.
  • Optimize your project for the device you prefer it to use with.
  • The resolution of the document on a tablet.
  • CoverPage will do the next step for you – it will open your project directly in the Publisher interface.


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