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1. Dictionary of Terms

In the following manual, you will often come across the following terms that are precisely defined for the given purpose:

User - anyone who is using a tablet together with your project. It can be a reader of your magazine, a client browsing through your presentation, catalogue, etc.

Publisher - publishes the digital issue designed for tablets.

Account - Everyone who uses the CoverPage-platform has their own identity along with their data. To work with CoverPage, creating an own account is required.

CoverPage Project (hereinafter referred to as Project) - every project you are working on and are planning on publishing for tablets. This includes magazines, books, catalogues, portfolios, presentations, etc.

CoverPage Tools - allow you to add navigation, multimedia and interactive content to your project, and work with the pages within the Coverpage Publisher interface.


Interactive section - to add items to your project, add (or draw) sections above the project pages. The section will create sectors that will be interactive for the iPad-version users. After clicking the tablet screen, the action of your choice (play video, open gallery, scroll through text, open web page) will be carried out. Anything that is featured in the project.

The interactive section toolbar is invisible to the tablet user, but it is indicated in the lower right corner by a transparent icon which you can, but need not, add to the section. Some interactive features like photo galleries and videos can be viewed and presented directly on the page.

Each tool has a different section colour. It is only shown while working in Coverpage Publisher to make orientation throughout the project easier. The size and position of the interactive section can be modified via the Inspector toolbar next to Region directly, using the bounding box.

The action will be initiated using a few gestures that are typical for tablets - clicking (hereinafter tapping which is typical for tablets), moving your finger from side to side, enlarging and reducing by using two fingers.

If you wish to continue customizing the item you already added, make sure the corresponding section is selected. If not, choose the Selection tool from the toolbar and tap on the section you wish to select. Above the section, the icon, name, “x“-button, and the bounding box will appear. Now you can continue to customize. To delete an item, select the corresponding section and tap the “x“-button in the upper right corner of the section.

Icon - each section has a semi-transparent icon, characteristic for each navigation tool. You can also hide the section icon, if your graphic content navigation is ready in advance. You can adjust the view-options of icons via the Inspector toolbar under Add Icon by checking/un-checking the checkbox. The icons indicate how to control or navigate each section. For videos and sounds the icon is represented by the Play-button.

When adding different items, you will be asked to adjust their settings, which is not only useful for your orientation, but also for establishing the way the item will work. Every tool has to be defined by:

  • title- the title of each section
  • region - the region and size of each interactive section
  • settings - settings that determine how the multimedia and interactive item will work. Each tool also has other various specific and characteristic settings.
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