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14. CoverPage Apps - Where to publish project

Publish your projects into three different types of application:

CoverPage Viewer (all accounts)

  • Projects are available after logging in with e-mail and password you choose for your registration.
  • After you log in, you can see all your published projects.
  • Your projects can be seen by other users only if you add some of your Viewers in the publication management.
  • The application is available for free in the App Store:


Custom Branded Reader (Premium account)

  • Your own branded application dedicated to one title.
  • Add free or paid content to your library.
  • The user will find all your projects in this application when they're published and out of Sandbox.
  • App can be available in App Store as Newsstand app or Non-newsstand app or it can be Ad Hoc app only on of some devices you choose.


Single App (Single App account)

  • Single application with no library, only single project published as an app.
  • You have to publish the project first and the build of the app will be managed afterwards.
  • User can find your project as a single app in App Store or it can be Ad Hoc app only available for devices you choose.

Single app

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