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11. Collaboration – Exchangeable project

If you are collaborating on one project with other colleagues you can easily save project as Exchangeable. This kind of project can be added to another project and being published as one. In other words you can work on one publication with several colleagues and join different parts saved this way to one project at the end.

To save project for collaboration

  • Use Page Editor window
  • Click on File in upper toolbar
  • Choose Export
  • Choose the destination to save the file (remember to choose filder where so no other project saved already)
  • Click Save

CoverPage Exchangable project have been saved.


To join Exchangeable project to another project

  • Use Page Editor window
  • Click on Import in upper toolbar
  • Choose CoverPage Exchangeable
  • Select file to import

Projects had been joined. Only project saved as Exchangeable can be imported to another CoverPage project. This kind of fie has .cpga ending.


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