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Digital publishing
at it's best

  • Unlimited plan for the entire publishing house
  • 15+ applications
  • Increasing revenue from subscriptions
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Forbes Magyarország

Monetise your content

  • World known brand
  • All platforms to reach the audience
  • Increasing revenues from advertisers
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Future of the education now

  • Unlimited plan for the entire school
  • Projects for both - students and teachers
  • Modern way of education
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Gundogdu School

CoverPage is a multiplatform solution, tool for creating interactive and multimedia magazines, catalogs, annuals or presentations. Publish into your own branded app and support your brand name. Intuitive environment allows you to bring an unexpected result easily and fast.


  • Multiplatform - iOS, Android, desktop, web
  • Increasing revenues
  • Penetrate to new markets
  • Analytic data of your readers

We know what you need

Publishing house


You need to be time and cost effective while getting your content into digital form.


You need to sell your content, either as an single issue or subscription as well.

Your own sales channels

You need to sell the content through your own sales channels with linking to digital.

Pro statistics

You need access to an important data about your readers, their behavior and preferences.



  • your own branded app
  • unlimited number of publications
  • sell through your own channels and user your own subscribers list
  • the possibility of paywall integration as out-of-the-box solution
  • in-mag promo
  • multiplatform publishing at one click
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Business and Marketing


You need a professional presentation tool to promote your brand.

Wau effect

You need an easy to use tool resulting wau effect to impress your audience.

Professional sales tool

You need to present digital projects for your clients in your own branded app.


You need a direct connection to your sales channels, e-shops, presentation website.


  • promoting your own brand
  • live updating ability - live catalog and presentation
  • a simple tool with professional output
  • interaction with the product or service
  • reaching the audience directly, interact with them, following their behavior and needs
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Education and Institution

Comprehensive concept

You need an uniform design, brand support, a single place for all information.


You need to engage your audience, interact with them and being able to use the acquired data.

User management

You need to be able to manage individual projects, users and unique accesses from one account.

To present yourself

You need to present your vision, mission and work professionally.



  • one account to manage many others
  • access diversifications
  • innovative way of presenting materials
  • White label feature as an effective way of brand position
  • unlimited number of publications and project categories
  • offline access
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